Home of Geraldine

‘It is so you’ is the biggest compliment you can give about a home, according to Anne Gilis. “I love translating personal stories into home decor. It can be through something small as a table setting for a unique celebration, a decoration item that pulls a room together or a complete renovation in tune with your life.”

Home of Geraldine grew from a fascination for aesthetics, an innate organizational talent and, most of all, a passion for stories. As you sit around the table of Anne’s inspirational home, it is easy to open up and tell her exactly what you are looking for. Don’t bother about budget or other limitations, because Anne loves using her creativity to find a solution for practical issues through simple interior hacks. “A home should be a reflection of who you are. It has to be authentic and well-balanced, with a contemporary touch.” That is what Home of Geraldine is about: a personal and carefully curated collection of decoration objects that can turn a house into a home. It would be unnatural to showcase these home objects in an impersonal showroom, so Anne turned her house into one where you can see, feel and touch freely. You are welcome to visit looking for something new, for a renovation project, redecoration advice or just some inspiration. All smiles here.

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About Anne

Anne doesn’t like to be put into boxes. Call her an interior consultant, an interior stylist, maybe a home shaper or an interior creative. The bottom line is: homemaking is something that comes natural to her. As a young girl, Anne was bitten by the design bug at her parents’ architectural country house. “It was a very progressive house at the time with a conversation pit and full-length sash windows. I was ever fascinated by the clever design hacks integrated into this beautiful house”. By travelling the world Anne further fed her interior design soul, searching for new stories, other cultures and a wave of inspiration. “When I travel I am always in awe of all the cultural differences in art and design. It intrigues me to see how we use space and how it’s shaped by traditions”. Today Anne uses her passion to make homes for others. Through small homemaking artefacts or big redecoration projects, Anne makes it her mission to make you feel like you belong.

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What about Geraldine?

Geraldine is something that never really was, but now has found a place to call home. She is a force of creativity, a dream perhaps. A mystery for you to wonder about, to fantasize. And even though she might not be real, her welcoming spirit sure is.



Photos by lichtwaas / Interview & words by Renée Devriese